June-Yi Lee

June-Yi Lee
Associate Project Leader
Research Group
Earth System Predictability
  • Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, Feb 2003.
    • Dissertation: Assessment of Potential Seasonal Predictability with a Multi-Model Dynamical-Statistical Ensemble System
  • Master of Science in Atmospheric Sciences, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 1999.
  • Bachelor of Science in Earth Science Education, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea, 1997.
Work Experience
  • September 2015 - Present: Assistant Professor, Research Center for Climate Sciences, Pusan National University
  • August 2013 – August 2015: Brainpool Professor, Research Center for Climate Sciences, Pusan National University
  • October 2011 – 2015: WMO WWRP/THORPEX/WCRP Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Prediction Working Group Member
  • November 2011 - Present: WMO WWRP/THORPEX/YOTC MJO Task Force Member
  • August 2010 – Present: Research coordinator of the IntraSeasonal Variability Hindcast Experiment (ISVHE) international project supported by CLIVAR and NOAA CTB
  • August 2005 – July 2013: Research coordinator of the APEC Climate Center (APCC)/Climate Prediction and its Application to Society (CliPAS) international project
  • December 2012 – July 2013: Associate Researcher, International Pacific Research Center (IPRC), School of Ocean, Earth Science, and Technology (SOEST), University of Hawaii<
  • May 2008 – November 2012: Assistant Researcher, International Pacific Research Center (IPRC), School of Ocean, Earth Science, and Technology (SOEST), University of Hawaii
  • August 2005 – April 2008: Post-doctoral research scientist, IPRC, SOEST, University of Hawaii
  • August 2003 – July 2005: Post-doctoral research scientist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland
Research Interests
  • Earth system predictability including not only physical variables but also biogeochemical cycle on intraseasonal-interannual-to-interdecadal time scales
  • Near-term climate predictability, prediction, and projection
  • Paleomonsoon variability
  • Atmospheric teleconnection associated with the trans-basin variability


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Refereed publications

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